Make Awesome Animations

Zero Figma skills to designing animations in 5 hours.
3x faster, if you know Figma basics.

In This Course

You’ll master making all listed below.

An example of design made during course practice lesson.

Figma Zero to Mid Level

As we learn basics along the way, you will know enough Figma features to do most graphic and web design.

From essentials to advanced techniques like components, variants, auto layouts, and interactive prototyping.

Pricing Plans

Depends on your skills and what you want to learn.

Practice Only

2 hours

4 practice lessons to learn how to make animations listed above.

You need to have Figma mid level to complete it.

Coming Soon

Full Course

5 hours

Zero skills in Figma to mastering designs and animations.

8 lessons.

Learning Figma 0 to mid level.

Creating first design.

Learning animations in Figma.

Animation practices.

Exporting as GIF/WebM & video.

Coming Soon


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You Can Do This

From zero Figma skills to designing animations in 5 hours.